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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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they do. >> reporter: your child's financial future may depend on it. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. thank you for watching on this wednesday morning, september 22nd as we take a live look over the washington monument on what is a beautiful morning out there. but heat and humidity, it looks like it is making a return. good morning. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. let's say good morning to tony perkins. >> summer is trying to hold on a little bit longer. it will feel like it for another couple of days. i think it will be more humid tomorrow than it will be today. still, warm temperatures on the way after another great day yesterday. >> it was beautiful. >> it was fantastic. let's take a look at the current conditions. we are at 69 at reagan national airport. relative humidity at 68%. winds are out of the south at 10 miles per hour. that is significant. as long as we have the suggested early and
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southwesterly breezes, that is what is going to bring the warm air into our region. here is a look at the satellite- radar. it is not a bad picture. we have skies once again mostly clear. i do think we'll see a few more clouds today than we had yesterday but still, it will be mostly sunny by far at least until late in the day. the forecast for today looks like this. mostly sunny and hot. a late day thunderstorm or shower is possible. high about 90 degrees. we'll give you more details on that possibility of rainfall and more coming up in just a little bit. >> we would actually welcome that. >> that's right. >> we could use it. let's check in with julie wright. she has a look at traffic. >> as long as it doesn't happen during rush hour. we have to be specific with mother nature. only certain hours, certain times of the day and certain days of the week. >> you will find the lanes are
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open. overnight roadwork picked up off of 270 as you travel southbound merging off of 124 onto 270. that is running smoothly now leaving msmght va and continuing out to the lane divide -- that is running smoothly now leaving mva and continuing out to the lane divide. overnight roadwork if the hot lanes as you travel between 66 and tyson's now cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, tons of belongings just dumped out on the street. >> a d.c. woman is being kicked out of her home for allegedly not paying her bills. matt ackland join us live with the details on this one. >> reporter: good morning. eloise diaz, this is all of her stuff. as you were saying, yesterday, shefers kicked oust her home, evicted. she lost her job. take a look. it is just stuff all up and
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down here. here is a dresser drawer, some paintings here. i saw an old vacuum. she says she has been saving up all of this stuff to pack it up and send it home to venezuela. she says everything was well organized. she lost her job as a caretaker and couldn't pay her rent so everything was thrown out on the sidewalk here. take a listen. we talked to her about 15 minutes ago. here is what she had to say. >> what are you trying to find? >> right now, to take my stuff and find a way where i can live. >> reporter: she had to sleep out here with her stuff last night because two reasons, she didn't have i place to live and she did not want anyone to take her stuff. can you see there is a metropolitan police officer here who is nice enough to be here to watch her stuff.
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we are told that jim graham sent by two city trucks last night and trucked some of her most valuable things away. she is worried because she has been given a deadline of 9:00 or 10:00 this morning when the city will have to come here and remove the stuff. it just can't stay here. they will take it on a dump. she is hoping to get someone with a couple of big trucks and a space to store all this stuff before that happens. we'll keep you updated. back to you guys. also making headlines ache murder investigation in prince george's county. a woman was found dead in an apartment complex in greenbelt yesterday afternoon. police got a 911 call bay woman in trouble would was lying unresponsive in a hallway. they all got reports of gunshots at the complex at the same time. they arrived to find a woman in her 40s with trauma to her upper body. she was pronounced dead at the hospital and investigators are not saying how she died. so far, no motive or suspect in
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this one. in manassas, virginia, a photographer was robbed and stabbed while taking pictures at the canterbury village shopping center yesterday morning. police say two people approached him and demanded his camera and money. when he refused, police say they stabbed him. >> a little bit of mixed reaction. i'm a little bit not surprised because it is not before the neighborhood but at the same time, it is shocking because i kind of thing this shouldn't happen. >> police caught one of the suspects, a 15-year-old boy. they are still looking for another person. the photographer is being treated for several stab wounds and is expected to recover. another big story this morning. blocking a repeal of don't ask, don't tell. senate republicans unanimously voted to block a bill that would have lifted the mull tri's ban on openly gay soldiers. the general chosen by president obama to lead the marine corps says he does not think that congress should lift the ban.
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he spoke on capitol hill just hours before the septa defeated the defense policy bill that would have repealed the 17-year- old law. gay rights groups are not happy with the decision. >> i think there are parts of this that wave not peeled back yet and by that i'm talking some policy issues, the issue of unit cohesion. >> americans have changed about this issue. seventeen years ago, only about 50% of americans felt that there should be open service. today, that number is 80% of americans think this law should go. >> yesterday's vote in the senate was a procedural vote. that pushed back efforts to repeal don't ask, don't tell until after the november elects. new developments in the massive wildfire out in utah. the national guard says it accidentally started this fire. we'll tell you how. paris hilton not feeling the love these days.
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firefighters in utah are starting to get a hand olympic a wildfire that has destroyed thee homes there. the six-mile fire is about 50% contained and about half of the evacuation orders have been lifted. strong winds and flare-ups are still a concern though. the national guard admits to accidentally starting the fire with a machine gun in a practice area. paris hill son is heading back to the states after japan wouldn't let her in the country. the 29-year-old celebrity socialite was supposed to promote her fashion and fragrance lines in tokyo. japan has strict. inauguration laws that bar entry to those convicted of drug offenses. she pleaded guilty tie misdemeanor drug charge just a couple of days ago. iran's president spoke and did call if a new world order
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and for this to be the decade for joint global governments. he says the great powers are near their end. >> the demands of liberal capitalism and multinational corporations have caused the suffering of countless women, men and children in so many countries. >> he did not mention iran's nuclear program. teheran is still in violation of four u.n. security council resolutions. the council will discuss iran's nuclear program today. if you have a twitter act, did you notice anything odd when you logged into it yesterday. a massive hacker tax sending users to all sorts of web sites. the computer programmer says he is responsible. we'll tell you why he said he did. >> it was crazy. i spent all afternoon on twitter trying to fix all that stuff. we'll get you the latest on today's weather forecast. changes today. it will be a hot one. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. n
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we'll take a look at the washington monument this morning as the camera pans away. it is 5:15 on this wednesday morning. we just wanted to show you the capital, that's all. the end of an era is near as the spultd discovery rolled out for its final mission before the flight is retired. discovery arrived at the kennedy space center launchpad yesterday. the shuttle has completed more flights than any other orbiter in the fleet. the 39th and final launch is scheduled for november 1st. >> kind of sad. >> it has served us well. >> it has. definitely. >> very good. let's talk about heat. yesterday, not much of it. felt comfortable yesterday. the next couple of days, lots of it. it will feel like a return to summer. we'll start with yesterday's high temperatures which were,
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as expected, right around 80 degrees. in fact, at reagan national airport, as predicted, it was 80 degrees. dulles international. 80 there as well. bwi marshall made it up to 77 degrees. just a beautiful, comfortable fantastic day. meanwhile, the current temperatures around the region look like this. 68. we've dropped off a little bit now. 68degrees here in d.c. 63 in baltimore. 63 in manassas. leonardtown is at 6 # degrees. frederick, maryland is at 57 degrees at this hour. fine start to the day. not too bad. satellite-radar composite, we'll show you that again this morning. we've got mostly clear skies, high pressure continues to dominate. that high pressure is slowly pushing off to the east and behind it, we've got breezes coming in out of the southwest that will bring the warm air that is in place out there into our region later on today. my, a frontal boundary could bring us some rain showers and thunderstorm activity later this afternoon and during the evening hours. it is a possibility. i think most of you will remain
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dry but there is the possibility that we'll get some of the rain in here later today. so the forecast for today looks like this. put it all together, not a bad one. mostly sunny but it will be hot and humid so get ready for that. a return to summer-like conditions, late day thunderstorm possible as i mentioned. high today, 10 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. 90degrees for your high. then for tonight, with the heat out there, it won't be as cool tonight. early thunderstorm possible. warm overnight, 69 degrees in town. i think most of you will be in the 60s overnight. not looking for a lot of 50- degree temperatures, no 40- degree temperatures. five-day forecast, hot and humid again tomorrow. i think thursday and friday, it will be more humid than it will be today. then things cool off for saturday. we could see some showers moving through here on sunday. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update to traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> all right, tony, lanes are open around the capital beltway with no accidents reported as
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you travel to and from the wilson bridge. traffic is flowing freely along the top side headed over towards the exit for 270. no trouble spots leaving university boulevard. if you are traveling georgia avenue at blue ridge, north of university, we have accident activity reported at this time. some trouble spots along the gw parkway south of memorial bridge. they have temporarily blocked traffic so they can turn around a tractor-trailer on the gw parkway and get him back out towards the capital beltway. traveling inbound along 66, the pace is good as you travel in from fair oak towards 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. if you work in baltimore and you live in d.c. or vice versa, it just got a little bit easier to use public transportation. as the maryland transit administration unveiled the charm card. this can be used on baltimore or washington transit systems. but marc trawns and buses will not honor the card. the card itself costs $2.50. you may actually be living in one of the best communities in america. america's promise alliance is
5:19 am
out with its 100 best communities for young people. alexandria, virginia, prince william county and calvert county, maryland all made the list. cities in areas are chosen based on their community's dedication to help students graduate from high school. some encouraging economic news on the home building market as home construction jumped 10%. some say it is deceiving because apartments and condos made up the bulk of the construction. single family home construction was up 4%. if you tried to tweet yesterday, did you notice anything odd when you logged into twitter. the site was hacked in a very big way. users all over the world spotted the problem just moving the mouse sends users to an unexpected third site. we have a report. >> reporter: a norwegian programmer in a post highways own account says he unif he canned at this time twutter with the virus, quote, just to see if i could do it. vies outers to found that hovering their mouse
5:20 am
around a certain link could cause pop-up messages and third party web sites to open up in their browser, even directing some to pornography. >> people are being redirected over it a pornography site. not something you are expecting. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs tweets frequently. >> i look like a scene out of the movie war games. >> reporter: he says he notes ised the problem right away. >> e-mailed the tech guys and said i don't know what just happened. >> reporter: it is estimated that 1.8 million people follow the white house's twitter feed which gibbs says was taken down quickly but is now back up and running. >> there will be those that want to gum up the system and things like that. i don't hesitate to continue it use it. >> reporter: the company says it is safe to tweet again. programmers responded to the attack fixing it within a matter of hours. twitter issued a statement
5:21 am
saying, quote, the security flaw was identified and now fully patched. computer experts say it is okay to use twitter again but unfortunately, it is difficult to prevent hackers from infiltrating any web swriet. >> tab it can hit the white house correspondent, it can hit you justify as easily. >> twitter is reportedly blaming the breach on a recent update to its site. hackers were able to take advantage of that security weakness and carry out the attack. it is about to be deja vu on the national mall. >> dualing rallies with a twist. >> dueling rallies on the mat mall from jon stewart and steven colbert. we are taking a look coming up. i'm a homebuilder.
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as with take a look down at the washington monument, it is right in the heart of the national mall which fits in well as tv comedy hosts are preparing to give glen beck a run for his money. >> jon stewart and stephen colbert are bringing their special brand of humor to the nation appear capital. >> will thomas discovered since last week's announcement thousands of people are
5:25 am
answering that call. >> for tonight, i announce the rally to restore sanity. >> i am calling for the nation to join me on the washington mall to the march to keep fear alive. >> reporter: dueling rallies the same day. comedy network stars jon stewart and stephen colbert offer viewers alternatives. >> i asked my students in class today out of 20 students, 20 said they were going to that rally. why? because they feel that the only people on television would call politicians out if their misstatements, him okay risies, mistruths or sort of weak logic are stephen colbert and jon stewart. >> reporter: the rallies are scheduled thrust just three days before the u.s. congressional mid-term elects. seen some democratic strategists question whether the effort will keep those away who might otherwise have volunteered to get the vote out that weekend. >> what could happen is you might actually mobilize them, get them interested and get them to see what is at stake in
5:26 am
this election. >> reporter: facebook sites for the october 30th rallies have already racked up nearly 200,000 rsvps. >> the way they're reaching folks, you mention the tv show but they are reaching these folk through social networks. >> reporter: d.c.-based sosa labs helps progressive groups organize their movements online. >> what i'm thinking and hoping is going to happen, you will have a lot of progressive candidates that will get a flood of new volunteers. >> the application for a permit for the rallies here has been submitted but a lot still has to be ironedded out. how many numbers do they expect, transportation, even portable bathrooms but there is still time. the beck rally received permit approval just four days prior to the event. the park service says approval can even occur the very same day. in washington, will thomas, fox 5 news. >> and glenn beck responding to the rally saying august 28th
5:27 am
was a historic event for a lot of americans etch wished them the same great success that he had. matt ackland is following our top story this morning. >> take a look at all this stuff u got a speaker, some lights, an old umbrella. what is this? a man. this was all taken when a woman lost her job and was evicted from her home in columbia heights. i'll have the details for you coming up in a live report. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency.
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we take a live look over the nation's capital this morning on what is a nice day you could say for the most part as you wake up this morning. a little heat and humidity and forecast as well. >> it will be hot today. we are adding 10 degrees to what we had yesterday. you will feel that. it will be a little more humid. i think the bulk hiew. will be tomorrow and friday. those days will be more humid than today. still, they're hot. you will feel the difference out there. right now, not a bad start to the day. wave got i would say mild temperatures for the most part. temperature are in the 60s at reagan national airport. 68degrees at this hour so wave gone down a little bit there. -- i think the bulk of the humidity will be tomorrow and friday. we'll have southerly breezes and we'll get the warm air
5:31 am
working its way in here. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the region. things look pretty good. there is precipitation out there to the north and west. i mean well to the north and west. we are looking at illinois, indiana into ohio, places like that. it could bring us some showers and thunderstorms late today and during the evening hours. there is a 0 to 40% chance of that. a better chance than we thought yesterday. still, i don't think everybody will get any -- get precipitation. i think most of the us will not. is that confusing? i hope that's not confusing. here is the forecast for today. we are hooking for a high today of about 90 degrees. a little bit more hugeed a and the possibility of a thunderstorm late in the day and during the evening. there you go. more coming up shortly. >> let's get with julie wright now with the latest on traffic for us. >> good morning to you all. right now, you will find lanes are open if you are traveling across the top stretch of the
5:32 am
beltway between college park and bethesda. traffic volume moving at speed as you move your way past university boulevard and head over towards 270. a crash possibly involving a motorcyclist along northbound i- 95 here in the hov lanes as you try to work your way northbound coming across the occoquan. you can see the equipment is still on the scene. traffic is squeezing by in the lain line single file to the right heading northbound. so again, activity in both main line right now as well as part of the hov lanes as you travel northbound on i-95. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, tons of belongings just dumped out on the street. >> a d.c. woman is being kicked out of her home accused of not paying her bills. matt ackland joins us live from northwest d.c. where it is quite a sight out there on the side of the road. >> reporter: have you guys ever
5:33 am
seen anything like this before? it is remarkable and it is actually really, really sad. we are right here in columbia heights at otis place and 11th street. take a look at t it goes about a half a block this way, half a block that way and it is piled up. it is just about anything that you can think of. eloisa diaz told me that what she does is she buys up this stuff and she takes it back to her home country of venezuela. she fell on some hard luck recently. she seduced to take care of elderly folks and they are moved into a nursing home so she lost her job. yesterday, she was evicted from her home and all of this stuff was put out on the sidewalk. now, she tells me that she had everything tidy and neat inside her home, that this is a system that she has. although it looks like it is a big mess here, if you look closely, everything is really stacked up pretty nicely. everything that you can think of. if we can show, here is a tv, a
5:34 am
lamp, an old stereo here and then we've got even asome blair ore. all of this kind of stuff, but what she is hoping for this morning, she is really pleading for the public's help is that maybe someone has a big truck, maybe a couple of trucks and has some space where she can store all of this stuff. last night, councilmember jim graham did send by two trucks and said pick up your most valuable things and we'll take them away for you. they did that. but there is still so much stuff here. she says this is her life and she is hoping someone will come through and actually help her because at 10:00 in the morning, she has been warned by city officials that if it is not gone, they will have to take it to a dump. you can see a d.c. police officer has been here all night long basically helping her keep an eye on her stuff. she told me she slept here on the sidewalk for two reasons, because she wanted to keep an eye on her stuff and she simply has no place to go. so phac the latest here from columbia heights. back to you guys.
5:35 am
-- so that is the latest here from columbia heights. the search for answers after a woman was found dead at a greenbelt apartment complex. this happened at around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. prince george's county police got a 911 call about a woman in trouble would was lying unresponsive in a hallway. they also got reports of gunshots at the complex at the same time. investigators are not saying how she died, just that she had trauma to the upper body. the victim identified as a woman in her 40s. no word on a motive or suspect at this tame. soy a man was stabbed at a virginia shopping center at 9:00 in the morning yesterday. manassas place say two teenagers did it. the victim was taking photos of the canterbury village shopping center for one of the owners there. the two teenagers kicked and stabbed him when he refused to turn over his camera. the republicans filibuster
5:36 am
the efforts to remove the policy that lets gays serve if they don't tell anybody. they argued over letting a bill on defense spending go to a full senate debate. democrats needed 60 votes but republicans defeated it 56-43. >> secretary gates a republican tea sides this policy must change because there is an election coming up? of course not. it is because they reached a conclusion, the policy needs to change. >> ma year 2000 leader harry reid says he will bring the issue up again in the lame duck session after the mid-term elections. soy a virginia chiropractor would treated members the washington capitals has pleaded guilty to steroid charges in florida. douglas nagel had an office in the ballston common mall where
5:37 am
the capitals practice facility is located. three players say they received treatment from nagel but denied getting steroids from him. he also denies giving the drug to any athletes emsays he tried to obtain steroids for his personal use. he was sentenced to three years probation. a new york man has admitted to breaking into dozens of homes in northern virginia and stealing half aa million dollars worth of gold. break-ins happened in fairfax and loudoun counties between january and november 2009. the 27-year-old has pleaded guilty in the case. he faces up to five years in prison when he is sentenced in december. a woman running for u.s. senate in maryland has died after being hit by an suv. natasha pettigrew was on her bike training for a triathlon early sunday morning when she was struck by a cadillac escalade. police say the driver did not stop at the scene but called later to say she thought she hit a deer. pettigrew held on for a little more than a day before her
5:38 am
mother told the doctors to take her off life support. a mystery in the motor city. aretha franklin's son attacked and severely beaten. the video made national headlines. an outraged dad on a school bus confronting some teenagers accused of bullying his daughter. hear what that dad is saying now. coming up next. keac .an
5:39 am
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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a new tell-all book about the president's aides. it describes the president's ad viewsors as arguing about turf. some top merz of the president's national security team doubt the afghan strategy will work. divisions at the white house are not secret but woodward suggests they were more intense than we knew. the book hits stores next monday. afather in florida is apologizing for storming his daughter's school bus. surveillance cameras were rolling when james willie jones threatened the students he believed were bullying his 13- year-old daughter. he says she has cerebral palsy and he cannot sand by and watch her suffer. he says his actions were inappropriate. >> at that time, i was going to be a dad and i was going to at least talk to the bus driver and find out what was going on with my daughter and why my daughter felt that way. when we was going to the bus stop, all of this started coming out and when i seen my
5:42 am
daughter just break down, as a dad, i snapped and i apologize again. i deeply apologize for that. >> jones is charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing a school function. the son of areeghtd afranklin is recovering this were nothing after police say he was severely beaten outside a detroit gas station. franklin reportedly underwent surgery and is now out of the hospital. more questions about a possible change to a popular food item. >> reporter: should the fda require a library old lab-rated fish and how soon might you see genetically engineered sal machine on your plate. also going to check your morning commute and your forecast. the time right now is 5:42. stay with us. more coming up.
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in 2008 i quit venture capital to follow my passion for food. i saw a gap in the market for a fresh culinary brand and launched we create and broadcast content and then distribute it across tv, the web, and via mobile. i even use the web to get paid. with acceptpay from american express open, we now invoice advertisers and receive payments digitally. and i get paid on average three weeks faster. booming is never looking for a check in the mail. because it's already in my email. we tax a live look over the woodrow wilson bridge this morning as the morning commute pick up. we'll check in with traffic in just a little bit. we are aalso going to find out today for certain would will be on the judges panel for the
5:46 am
upcoming season of american idol. the judges will be unveiled in a live webcast at 1:00 p.m. on the american idol web site with a news conference to follow. >> there has been a lot of speculation that general fore lopez would be a judge, stephen identify tyler perhaps and the two of them may join randy jackson. we'll find out a little bit later today for sure. >> it will be you want resting to see how they do this season. it is such a huge change. randy is still there but having some big names, it will make it quite fun. >> i think so. we'll see how we react to the big names that aren't there anymore. it will be interesting. >> let's get a check of weather with tony, i believe. >> let us talk about the transition that we go through today, ladies and gentlemen.
5:47 am
yes, it is the fall equinox which means the sun is directly over the equator. fall begins tonight at 11:09 p.m. tomorrow, the first full day of fall. good-bye, summer. it was nice. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. we are at 68 degrees here in washington. 68 as well in annapolis and in leonardtown. quantico is at 67 degrees. 65 out at dulles. in winchester, it is 71 degrees at this hour. we're in the 50s in frederick, maryland, 57 degrees there. here is a look at the satellite- radar for our region. mostly clear skies. there are some skies up to the north and out to the west. we have mostly clear skies right across the washington area. there is a frontal boundary off to the north and west. that frontal boundary could trigger some showers and thunderstorms in our region, believe norte, late today and during the evening hours. it remains to be seen but there
5:48 am
certainly is that possibility. meanwhile, even though fall begins tonight, not going to feel like fall today or for the next couple of days as we've got heat that moves to the east. that area of high pressure pushes offshore. southerly breezes bring temperatures in the 90s into our region. we believe we'll get to 90 degrees today. here is your forecast than for today. mostly sunny. hot and humid. late day thunderstorm is possible. 90 for your high downtown. then for your five-day forecast, thursday and friday are also hot and humid. highs into the low 90s. saturday, we start to cool off. we get some showers. sorry, get some clouds but maybe a couple of showers on saturday. the weekend looks unsettled right now and to be honest, the models not agreeing on what will happen over the course of weekend. could see some showers on sunday with a high only in the mid-70s. big difference from the next couple of days. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> i told you summer wasn't going to go away without a
5:49 am
fight. >> she is hanging on, julie. >> all right. on the roads, we're getting busy. we have an accident westbound i- 70, 94 and woodbind. in virginia, it is southbound 95 as you work your way southbound at the occoquan. accident activity in the main line has traffic squeezing by to the right. we have rubbernecking delays on the northbound side of the highway beginning at potomac mills and headed up two woodbridge although open slowing from the prince william parkway headed up to the occoquan. southbound # 70 on the brake right now headed out towards the struck scales. incident-free at this point but delays are forming as you continue south. we had some problems gw parkway out to the memorial bridge. they had temporarily stopped traffic to remove a tractor- trailer. as you are traveling right now out on 66, no incidents to report leaving manassas for the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the president awarded the
5:50 am
medal of honor day one-time secret victim of the vietnam war. richard etchburger died while saving three fellow troops during a 1968 attack in laos. they were posing as civilians but the vet i don't think learned of the mission and staged an attack. >> when enemies started moving down the rocks, dick fought them off. when it looked like the ledge would be overrun, he called for air strikes within yards of his own position shaking the mountain and clearing the way for a rescue. and in the morning light, an american helicopter came into view. >> president obama said he even loaded his injured troops one by one into a helicopter during enemy fire. they may be fish out of the water but will jeannette ache engineered salmon be landing on
5:51 am
your dinner plate any time soon? melanie alnwick has the details. >> reporter: is a salmon just a salmon regardless of where it came from or does the way it is produced change it into something completely different? >> i think most folks would say that any time you splice genes from multiple different fish from the sea, you create a new animal. >> reporter: many consumer advocates hope the food and drug administering will agree and require the new genetically engineered aqua advantage salmon to be labeled as such. >> the least can you do is let consumers decide for themselves. >> reporter: if affidavit prork it would be the very first jeannette acheally engineered animal okayed for people to eat. greg jaffe believes the safety questions have been answered. >> while they thought more information would be useful in a number of areas and a better analysis of the data would be useful, they didn't see anything today that suggested that this wouldn't at some point be approved.
5:52 am
>> reporter: cspi known by some as the food police, doesn't believe the fda can require a label but it is asking the agency to set a standard other companies can use as a distinction. >> that would give consumers who want this information the ability to choose. >> reporter: that would be something like not jeannette ache engineered or no added growth hormones, similar to what we've seen on organic milk or cage-free eggs and those are distinctions that many consumer says they appreciate when making their buying decisions. >> every trend in the food industry shows that consumers want more information, not less. >> reporter: the back atrang salmon would be the first but there are many other ge animals in development. kisss made in this case will set the blueprint for all others to come. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> it could take six months before the food and drug administering makes a final decision. aqua bounty says it would take two years after approval before its fish are ready for market. a roster move for the
5:53 am
redskin as they look to rebound versus the rams. we'll tell you who is no longer wearing the burgundy and gold. also, ready for hockey? the caps get set to heat up the ice. sports is next. ? "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. major league baseball came from behind and became the
5:56 am
first team to chin p a playoff spot. the as victory over high sealed the american league central division for minnesota. no play enoughs here but still some decent baseball. nats down 3-8. rodriguez drives a hit of the foul pole. if it hits the foul pole, it is a fair ball. that is just the way it is. nats score seven runs in the inning. they win 8-4678 that is win number # 3. that means there is no way they can lose 100 games this year which they did last year. so they're better than last year. redskins make a roster move cutting johnson. that makes keilan williams the primary backup to clinton portis. bruce allen says the redskins needed to make a roster move in preparation for the game this weekend against the ram.
5:57 am
johnson had been play anything a reserve role and carrying just five time to two yards. the redskins signed running back chad similar ton to fill johnson's roster spot. the capitals preseason starts tonight on the road against the columbus blue jackets. the caps participated in an intersquad scrimmage yesterday. number 76, garrett mitchell ache member of the red squad found the back of the net and so did alexander stemmons who scored 40 goals last year. straight ahead at 6:00, all of your top stories are coming up. plus we are getting a check on your morning commute with julie wright and tony perkins has your weather. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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